Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Introducing HRH, Azrael McWhinypants

Open Door NAO, HUMAN!

This is our cat, Azrael. She adopted us last July. She's very vocal, and has quite the "catitude." Sometimes, when we're in the kitchen, or living room, or office, etc, she'll sit in the middle of it and scream at us. Yes, she has food and water. Our theory: she's just plumb crazy!

She sometimes attacks my legs and leaves scars for fun. I've thought about trimming her nails, but well, I'd like to keep my hands. The vet had to put her under sedation just to administer her vaccines. Awethome.

She's mean and wacky, and wakes me up at 3 in the morning, those times she hasn't stayed out all night. When she's outside, she's either chasing squirrels, rolling in the dirt, screaming at the rain, or carpeting our camping chair with kitty "wool." But we love her. She's our surly, whiny ball of fur and claws.

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  1. Man, she's quite a character!! My daughter would dearly love a cat but our pet rats are a bit of a barrier! Unless we are prepared to deal with WWIII, I suppose. *g*


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