Sunday, June 21, 2009

Convertible Purse of +5 to Prettiness

Yes, I did just make a game geek reference to this handbag. *shrugs and grins* Get used to it.

I posted a bunch of pics yesterday, but was exhausted and didn't say much about the purse itself. I am totally in love with this thing and will have to make another.

The body is made of polyester satin brocade. It frays like crazy! I used heavy iron-on interfacing on the brocade, and a heavier sew-in interfacing on the silk bands.

The top band and strap are made from gold dupionni silk. I had some leftover from the stole I made for my wedding day. The lining is cut from a curtain that was used to disguise the server at work for awhile.

I used cording in the strap to give it the puffiness, then stitched twice down the center of it. I added loops inside the purse and attached swivel clasps to the strap to make it convertible. Sis can now use it as a shoulder bag or a large clutch. I just love the medallions, too. I found them in a large lot of mixed buttons I had bought on Ebay. You can see more pics of this purse and the process at my "Crafts and Projects" set on flickr.

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  1. +10 to Fabulousness & Armor, of course! =D It is gorgeous! I wish I was the lucky girl getting that as a gift.


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