Monday, April 26, 2010

"Family" life

I know I haven't been prolific with posts recently (ok, in the last 4 months).  I've had some things going on.  We took in a person whom we thought was a former "street kid" in early to-mid January. 

She was 18, turning 19 and professed to wanting to earn her GED. What I didn't think about, when we let her move in, is the nature of a regular, normal, 19-yr old. Of course she wouldn't be as motivated as someone 5-10 years older!  I must say here that I feel a bit old a wizened at my 33 yrs. 

I have learned so much patience over the last 4 months, for which I'm grateful.  My only question is: How in God's Great Green bum-hole does one raise a teenager!? 

As I have borne no children myself, but see myself as the neighborhood's Auntie/Grandmother (ha! Grandma @ 33... beat that!), how do I deal with the adult teenager?!  I've been through her MIP court,  lack of legal action to sexual assault, plus the (almost) normal teenager drama.  

Any advice?