Sunday, June 14, 2009

I finished my quilt top!

Here's my quilt top. It's 75" by 53.25". I finished it at about 3 this morning. :)

I added "Livingston Seagull" from Henry Alexander to the edges to widen and lengthen it, then used some of the yard I purchased of "Today's Special" in teal from Hello Betty for the corners.

I've got an old twin bed sheet that will work nicely for the backing. Up-cycling is great!

Next, I wait for the Warm & Natural to arrive from Joann's online. What can I say? It was a good price to begin with, then came with a 40% off coupon. Nothing to sneeze at there!


  1. I love the colors in your quilt-a-long quilt!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. those blue and reds are so pretty and the gray offsets them well!

  3. Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog.
    I absolutely LOVE your quilt!!! The colors are perfect...the border...perfect!!! Just beautiful!!!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog too!! Hasn't the Quiltalong been a lot of fun. Your fabric choices are stunning. I enjoyed looking through your blog and will be back

  5. Wow, that's pretty! I love the grey - it really sets off the red and aqua.

    Y'know we have almost exactly the same taste in films! I know almost no one who has seen Serenity (did you watch Firefly?) and IMO you can never have too much Vin. *grins* AND you like the Gogol Bordello. Brilliant!

    P.S. I've asked Santa for a 28hr day the last 3 Christmasses. I must've been a baaaad girl coz he's not delivered it yet. Grumpy old beardy bloke.

  6. P.P.S. Oh, yeah, I forgot. ROBIN HOBB! Woot! I've got the Assassins trilogy in my bag to go to the charoty shop today (honestly! who'da thunk it!) but I may have to reread it now.

  7. I love it. The boarder looks great, and is spurring me on to border mine. I have been thinking about it, but I think now I will do it.

    Thanks for sharing


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