Monday, June 22, 2009

GOventure! Green + Dizzy

Ok, this photo doesn't have much to do with today's post except that it's green, and that sometimes the pollen makes me dizzy (it's an allergy/ inner-ear thing).

So anyhoo, I was lurking around the interwebs today and found that Edie over at Butterfly Belles and Geek Gear for Girls is participating in a very cool challenge!

Kel of [i]LoveLife challenged Elise of Enjoy Design to a create-off! It's 5 days long. The first clue was Green + Dizzy, and they both created something delightful. I would love to participate, but I've got too many unfinished projects already, not to mention all those projects in my head and sketchbook that are just clamboring to come to life.

Go visit them and be inspired!

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  1. Too many projects? That doesn't seem to stop me.


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