Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm 3/4 done with the quilting

Here is my "quilt sandwich," laid out and ready for pinning. Thanks go to the hubby for helping me lay it out, smooth it, and getting down on the floor with me to pin it. Such a great guy!

And here I am picking out a little bit of wonkiness that happened. During this process I've learned that

1) Stippling takes an inordinate amount of thread. I've gone through at least 10 bobbins so far. I'm 3/4 of the way done with it.

2) My machine does not like metal bobbins, no way, no how.

3) 12 weight thread is heavier than 30 weight, and should not be used in a machine.

4) I can take off the bottom of my machine and oil the moving parts inside myself. No, I didn't find a service manual, I just decided that I'd try it when my machine was trying to seize up on Sunday. It's not trying to seize up anymore, so I must have done something right.

4b) Yes, I need to take my machine in for regular maintenance, but I'd prefer to do it when the machine isn't crucial for a deadline.

5) Stippling is hard work on the arms, shoulders and upper back.

5b) Beer and mojitos help to lubricate the joints and muscles used for #5.

6) Stippling is somewhat addictive.


  1. Yay, you're nearly there! I totally agree with your stippling comments, particularly no's 1, 4(b) and 5(b). *g* Can't wait to see this finished, Megan, the colours are beautiful.

    I was so sorry to read about your furry friend. :( We lost one of our rattie girls yesterday, it's not nice, is it?

  2. WOO HOO!! Way to go, Meg!!

  3. wooohooo megan!!!!!!! Stippling IS addictive, isn't it?!? And holy cow... i couldnt believe how much bobbin thread i went through either! LOL Glad to hear you are almost done! Cant wait to see it!!! :D


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