Thursday, July 16, 2009

Zippy Case inspired by Jan

My day job's ISO consultant, Jan, visits us every few months and helps me to ensure our ISO system is running smoothly. It's a GINORMOUS job, especially after adding our largest manufacturing department to our certificate, and I’m still learning all the nuances of it.

Side 1

When she was here in June I noticed her digging in a pencil pouch for her thumb drive. At that moment, the inspiration struck to use some of my Moda "Pack Your Bags" jelly roll to create a cord and electronics pouch for her. It was so apropos; this lady travels a TON. I give props to her, because even though I like to travel, I don't think I could handle doing it all the time. I hope this bag makes her smile a lot. :)

Side 2

I decided I wanted to try my hand at a different type of free-motion quilting. Patsy Thompson Designs has some great templates and ideas on her free downloads page. She does some incredible work with her sewing machine. I'm in awe.

Incidentally, the back of this pouch is what is shown in my “New used Machine and weekend projects” post.

I'll have one similar to this up in my Etsy shop soon. I needed to finish hers first, though, since she was only here on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

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