Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We've been published!


My photo of our campsite in Yosemite's Housekeeping Camp was chosen for inclusion in the newly released eighth edition of Schmap's Yosemite Guide. Yep, that's Richie standing there.

Some of you here might not have heard about our trip, as we did it before I started this blog. You can see more photos on my Flickr page.

Unfortunately, I didn't get better pictures of the interior because it was already getting towards dark, and we didn't find our hidden light switch until late. :P

See what looks like a covered outlet under the mirror? Yeah... the top cover hides a switch for the light above the mirror. We felt like silly monkeys for not figuring it out sooner.

We didn't pull into camp and start setting up until around 7 p.m. because we were exploring Hwy. 41 and Mariposa Grove.

Here is a little rill I couldn't help but snap at the grove. It just seemed so refreshing.

We kept seeing these everywhere, but never figured out what they are- plants or fungi? Still scratching our heads. Leave a comment if you know what they are!

Our feet and legs were killing us due to our 14 mile hike two days prior, but I just had to go see the tunnel tree. It wasn't all that spectacular, but stretching our legs was good for us. The best part was what we found on the little side-trail we took back to the parking lot:

Richie's shot of these deer.
They were standing on the trail, browsing. They didn't seem at all concerned that we were there.

Some Lupine in a meadow. We stopped on the way back to the valley from Wawona so I could capture some of these.

Richie at Tunnel View. El Capitan on the left, then Cloud's Rest & Half Dome in the back there. One can see Sentinel Dome and the Fissures on the right, then there's Taft point (I believe), and Bridal Veil Falls. This is a great place to be awed by the beauty of the valley. That is, if you aren't being elbowed out of the way by other camera-happy tourists. :P

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  1. Amazing photo's Megan!! Thank you so much for sharing. I just love seeing places from around the world and these pics are staggering. What a great time you had there. Love deer pic, strange red plant things (no idea) and I love that stream pic.


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