Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shoppers for Raffle

Wow... has it really been since Friday that I posted? I've been busy! Here's what I created this last weekend:

Shopper 1: Blue Floral with ribbon and lace.

The company I work for will be raffling off items at our company picnic on Sunday to raise money for WomenSpace. It's a cause that's important to me, so I made a few bags to throw into the prize box. Plus, this way, I also honor the cause of reuse/reduce/recycle!

I used a pattern I bought from Deidre Wicks. I was a bit skeptical at first about one of the construction methods (ironing under the curved seam allowances on the side top), because of the time it took to do it right, but after thinking it through, I conceded that it was the best method considering the cut and construction. It turned out great! Congrats on a great pattern, Deidre! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to sew a bag like this.

The blue floral print I found at S.A.R.A.'s Treasures, and turned out to be the bottom 1/4 of a queen flat sheet. Red & white gingham was a re-purposed pillowcase. The ribbon and lace were things that I've had for years.

I had a lot of fun making this, and discovered that even though I'm a good part tomboy, there's a bit of frilly girly-girl in me as well.

Here is Shopper #2, the Pasta Bag, which I made so the men could feel good about using one of my bags, too! Of course, it didn't hurt that I already had the fabric.

This fabric was another recent S.A.R.A.'s Treasures find...

as was the button, which I found on a dress in the $.50 bin that I grabbed for -you guessed it- fabric repurposing!

The gingham was from a second pillowcase, and I grabbed an unused hair tie out of my make-up box for the closure. Seeing as how I cut off all my hair again, I won't be using it any time soon. :)

To finish it all off, I created a cute little instruction card for each and printed each out on a piece of 4x6 photo paper.

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