Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yarn bag in process - updated frequently and randomly during project

In order to get the yarn busket to stand upright on its own, I used Pellon Peltex Ultra Firm single-sided fusible interfacing. I used my iron to fuse this to the Soft 'n Crafty polyester fiber fill. I used the interfacing as the under layer, the fiber fill as batting, and laid the pieced outer fabric covering on top for this "quilt sandwich."

I've noticed in the past that sometimes the fabric takes on a "wavy" or "crinkly" appearance when fusing it to the interfacing, so I'm pleased with the results of the suggestion I found in Ric-Rac's fabric bucket tutorial.

After quilting the "sandwich" with some simple lines, I trimmed and squared the edges. Now both pieces measure 16.5" x 18.5".

Here's a closer shot of the finished Denny Kitty appliqué (a.k.a. Knittin' Kitten by Urban Threads), crossed eyes and all. I machine appliquéd on all pieces, then used a bit of fabric paint to put the lines on the ball of yarn.

I had seriously considered embroidering the yarn ball to show the threads of it, but unfortunately I am on a bit of a deadline. Grandma's birthday is Sunday, and I'll be leaving town to see her on Saturday. I'd also like to whip up a laptop bag before leaving. I'd better stop blogging and start sewing!

I'll be adding more to this post in the coming day, so stay tuned!

Update: Put ribbon handles and decoration on bag, sewed up corner darts, and added zippered interior pocket.

Up next: Creating and securing pocket panel for crochet needles, yarn (thread) snips, and a yarn needle cozy with a velcro closure.

The purple needle cozy is made of two layers of felt sewn to a canvas flap. It features a .5" x .75" velcro closure.

I sewed a strip of Moda's Calypso to the outside of the flap to cover the velcro and felt secureing stitching, and to give it a more finished look. This is the same fabric from which I'm making the zippered interior pocket.


  1. eeep I love the wee kitty and the fabrics are beautiful x

  2. I love the appliqué and the colours combination! I was always wondering how to make bag to be able to stand on its own. Thanks for the tips!


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