Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Yarn busket for my Grandma Rosalie

After some deliberation, I chose to use these fabrics for the crochet busket (basket + bucket= busket) for my grandma Rosalie, whose birthday is this coming Sunday.

Here is the front, stitched together and waiting for the applique.

The following picture is how I conferred with my mom to show her what I was planning, and to get input on Dennis' (Denny's) eyes. Dennis is my grandma's cat. He's cross-eyed and IMO mentally handicapped, but a very loveable kitty.

I purchased the design, Knittin' Kitten, from Urban Threads.

And here is a close-up of the applique, waiting to be stitched on:

I opted to change the fabric for the ball of yarn because the previous choice didn't show up very well on the background fabric. I'll add embroidery to the yarn to give it definition.

Happy Monday all!

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