Thursday, August 6, 2009

Camping, Beach & Allergies

Ok guys- I know I haven't posted in awhile. I took a vacation from my day job, and the vacation slopped over to a vacation from posting, as well!

So in the last few weeks I've been doing many things. First it was camping:

Camping at Champoeg State Park

Then we went to the beach with our friends for my birthday weekend. We stayed in Lincoln City at the Ester Lee Motel & Cabins. It turned out to be quite nice. We had a load of fun playing Apples to Apples, Mad Gab, and little pirate board game my husband and I picked up a few years back.

On the beach at Lincoln City with T, C & Tonka goggie.

No, I'm not frowning, I'm concentrating on my stitching.

Our view of the beach from the room we rented with our friends. Ok, we did splurge a bit for my birthday weekend.

In between camping and the beach, I underwent allergy testing because I am fed up with vertigo and migraines, and I'm finally doing something about it. My husband and I think the migraines may be partially due to my sinus problems, and my sinus problems most likely stem from allergies. Well, we were right that I have allergies. No, I won't show you pictures of the ginormous welts on my arms, because I didn't take any.

So, it turns out that I'm allergic to grass. I live in Eugene, which is part of Lane county, and is situated in the Willamette Valley. Guess what title the Willamette Valley gets? You got it - "Grass Seed Capitol of the World." You don't have to trust me on that, you can go ahead and google it. I'm so freaking thrilled.

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