Monday, April 26, 2010

"Family" life

I know I haven't been prolific with posts recently (ok, in the last 4 months).  I've had some things going on.  We took in a person whom we thought was a former "street kid" in early to-mid January. 

She was 18, turning 19 and professed to wanting to earn her GED. What I didn't think about, when we let her move in, is the nature of a regular, normal, 19-yr old. Of course she wouldn't be as motivated as someone 5-10 years older!  I must say here that I feel a bit old a wizened at my 33 yrs. 

I have learned so much patience over the last 4 months, for which I'm grateful.  My only question is: How in God's Great Green bum-hole does one raise a teenager!? 

As I have borne no children myself, but see myself as the neighborhood's Auntie/Grandmother (ha! Grandma @ 33... beat that!), how do I deal with the adult teenager?!  I've been through her MIP court,  lack of legal action to sexual assault, plus the (almost) normal teenager drama.  

Any advice?


  1. All I can say Megan is best of luck! It is very loving what you are doing, especially as you are getting a 'ready made' teenager rather than growing into it. Main thing for teenagers is to find yourself and your own identity, which means lots of experimenting with opinions and freedom and kicking off against what you know (mainly parents!) Each individual is different so I doubt whether anyone can give you advice.. The only thing to keep in mind is to not take it personally... You are a fine individual, doing your best and if a teenager kicks off against you, it is because of something THEY are doing, wanting to do, wanting to try out, and not because of something YOU have done wrong. As long as you remember that you should be fine!! Good luck!

  2. Aww, thanks Marguerite! You're so sweet for saying so. I'll keep your advice in mind.

    I'm currently reading a book entitled _Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (and it's all small stuff)_. It's been helping quite a bit!


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