Monday, February 22, 2010

Dreams of Sewing...

I love my job, truly.  It is so fun to be able to order fabrics, "treasure hunt" for patterns, and make things to sell as well.

Because of a recent Fabric Love site snafu, I've had to do more fixing, listing, and what I call "squid work" than actually creating things.  I started a victorian-style purse.  Here is a picture of my plans for it a few weeks ago:  

I've made a few changes and would really like to get back to it sometime soon.  

Of course, while I'm doing said computer work, sometimes I veer from the path for a few minutes to look at interesting things.  For example:

Wouldn't the above fabric from Fabric Mart look stunning when used with this pattern?  

Perhaps in a bias... (evil genius hand-rub) ye-e-es.  

Now I must decide whether I will keep or sell this 1949 treasure of a pattern.

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