Friday, September 11, 2009

Update on (very little) sewing progress

Hi all-

I haven't spent much time in my sewing room lately, but I did get it cleaned up. :) My husband and I had friends spend the Labor Day weekend with us, so I didn't feel like I could just shut myself in there during that time.

I do have plans for this weekend, however, and it fits in with my Refashionista Pledge!

I've loved this skirt for so long, but it's almost always been a bit snug on me. At this point, it's just too small. I plan to bring the waistline down to a wider section, thus bringing the hemline up to just above the knee. I'm still contemplating what type of waistband and closure I want.

Here's another reason I haven't done much sewing the past two weeks:

I've been reading. Each of these books grabbed me and just wouldn't let go. Oh, I forgot to add Swapping Lives by Jane Green. That was a good one, too! I am firmly ensconced in the book on top, The Way of Shadows, at the moment.

Sometimes I just go through a period where I can't stop reading. Swaptree is wonderful and awesome, because it cuts down on the cost when you can go through a book every two days, but now I'm tempted by good books all the time!


  1. And I thought I was a bookworm! LOL! Try the scrub!! I use sugar scubs on my face. :) - sugar isn't coarse enough for a body scrub unless you like it light... :P


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